Institute Lead

Ben Perrier is a Post-Doctoral Fellow working with both the Borders in Globalization program and the Jean Monnet Database Project. His work focuses on the theoretical and legal renewal of the territorial borders of the States in the era of globalization. He is writing a book about the concept of “postmodern border” which proposes that the border is not only analyzable by the territory and by the inter-state level but rather by the prism of the relationships between legal orders (national, international, European, global). This makes it possible to identify a-state juridical borders of a functional or jurisdictional type with serious consequences on social relationships and lives. More generally, his disciplines are Public Law, Public International Law, EU Law, and the Theory and Philosophy of Law.

Micro-Credit Streams

This institute is required to complete Stream 3: Law of Borders and Cross-Border Laws. Additionally, this course can be taken to fulfill the requirements of Stream 2: (Im)migration and Mobility.

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