Micro-Credit Streams

We are very excited to have partnered with the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Continuing Studies to offer our institutes as micro-credit programs. Students who complete three courses will receive a micro-credit in the stream of their choice. Micro-credentials provide ongoing professional development and offer a fast and flexible way to upskill or reskill and remain competitive in your industry.

Stream 1 – Modern Border Management: Trade and Customs

Stream 2 – Modern Border Management: (Im)migration and Mobility

Stream 3 – Modern Border Management: Law of Borders and Cross-Border Laws

Student Testimonials

Trade & Customs Borders Institute

Having the opportunity to listen to new perspectives from international speakers, working through diverse concepts in the following practicums, and being able to ask questions at any point was a great structure and enabled me to broaden my knowledge on modern trade, customs, and cross-border management practices. Making new, global connections with other students was a bonus! I’d highly recommend attending the Institute.“ -Policy Professional from the Canada Border Services Agency (2022 Participant)

Cross-Border Management Institute

“Attending [the institute] is a dream come true as I was exposed to lots of useful insights and thoughts on emerging trends in cross-border control and management amidst latest threats and challenges associated with same. I sincerely express my deep appreciation to the University of Victoria [UVIC] – British Columbia and Borders in Globalization [BIG] for giving me such opportunity to attend this awesome event and equally thank the World Customs Organization [WCO] for creating such an enabling environment to enhance my capacity building in addressing and tackling cross-border challenges and threats.” – Policy Professional from the World Customs Organization (2022 Participant)

General Testimonials

“I think the BIG Summer Institute management is higher than just “professional,” because they pay attention to the curiosity of the participant, not only run the curriculum” – Policy Professional (2022 Participant)

The experience was stimulating because of the research intensive approach and the varied perspectives from different presenters, unlike other trainings that have mostly been from the perspective of one presenter delivering second-hand information.” – Policy Professional Participant (2022 Participant)

Policy Brief Workshops

For each Summer Institute, Claude Beaupré (UVic, University of Strasbourg) leads one intensive session on policy research and policy brief writing. In Back to Basics: Introduction to Policy Research and Policy Briefs, you will explore the conceptual foundations of policies, various research processes, ethics, and methods in policy making and policy evaluation. You will also have the opportunity to conduct policy research and present your findings in the format of a policy paper.

Summer Institute Sponsors