Seminar 15: Mediterranean Borders: Culture

Mare nostrum, a sea in between earths. A complex ensemble of ideas that connect peoples through shared common places and cultures. The kaleidoscopic Mediterranean world is a place which for more than 2000 years has been bringing together people coming from different places. As a site of and for cultural hybridity its geo-cultural ensemble takes us beyond thinking of this sea as the border of Europe and thinking of it instead as a universe of frontiers. Its imaginary composed by a multiplicity of narratives presents a fertile site for intellectual curiosity.


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Researchers: Pablo Ouziel holds a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the department of Political Science, the Centre for Global Studies (CFGS), and the project Borders in Globalization (BIG) at the University of Victoria. Currently, Pablo is working on a book on Mediterranean borders with Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly.

This seminar will be held on May 14th, 2019, in room B007 of the Clearihue building at the University of Victoria. Please email borders[at]uvic[dot]ca to register.