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Benjamin Perrier

BIG | Jean Monnet Human-to-Military Security Database Project

Benjamin Perrier is a Post-Doctoral Fellow working with both the Borders in Globalization program and the Jean Monnet Database Project. His work focuses on the theoretical and legal renewal of the territorial borders of the States in the era of globalization. He is writing a book about the concept of “postmodern border” which proposes that the border is not only analyzable by the territory and by the inter-state level but rather by the prism of the relationships between legal orders (national, international, European, global). This angle of analysis allows both to better understand the legal dimensions of the territorial border in globalization and to better understand the phenomenon of legal globalization through the prism of the interaction between legal orders. His specific areas of research include the legal regime of the border, cross-border territorial cooperation law, transnational and global law, and environmental regionalization. More generally, his disciplines are Public Law, Public International Law, EU Law, and the Theory and Philosophy of Law.

Ben also manages and hosts our BIG_Podcasts series where each month he welcomes a new border expert to discuss their work and to reflect on the role of the border.

Benjamin Perrier


BIG_Review 4.2

The long-awaited and much anticipated new issue of Borders in Globalization Review is here! This outstanding collection of scholarship and artwork enriches border studies and cultural reflections on (and against) borders, and it is available for free, in open access CC-BY-NC (except where stipulated).



Indigenous Pillar 1: Research Assistant

The University of Victoria invites applications for Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Corntassel, who is a co-principal investigator and lead of Indigenous Pillar 1 with the BIG project. The position entails administrative responsibilities and research activities.



Call for Papers & Proposals: VII AEBR Cross-Border School

Travel grants are available for original research or policy papers to be presented at the AEBR Cross-Border School on 8 November 2023 in KoŇ°ice, Slovakia. Travel grants cover travelling, accommodation for three nights and meals, and participation.

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Summer Institutes

BIG, with funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, offers a series of intensive summer institutes where participants develop comprehensive understandings of borders in the 21 century by learning from top academics and policy experts.

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The Borders in Globalization Books series (BIG_Books) provides a forum for in-depth scholarly explorations of borders in the 21st century. We publish academic works in the Humanities and Social Sciences that explore various aspects of borders in an increasingly globalized world.

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Borders in Globalization Review (BIG_Review) provides a forum for academic and creative explorations of borders in the 21st century. BIG_Review publishes scholarship (academic articles, essays, research notes, book reviews, and film reviews) as well as artwork (photography, painting, poetry, short stories, and more).

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Each month the BIG_Podcasts program welcomes a new border expert to discuss their work and to reflect on the role of the border. We call on scholars from a variety of disciplines to try to decipher the complexity of borders. New episodes are released on the first Monday of each month.

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Student Spotlight

We are delighted to have student fellows and researchers from around the world! As a way to highlight the work done by our student cohort, each month we will release a new ‘student spotlight’ featuring a different student researcher. Learn about who they are and the research they do for the BIG program!

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In an effort to highlight and track the work of our people, we try to record as many of our public events as possible. Here you will find recordings of public symposiums, conference presentations, expert interviews, and so much more dating back to the start of the Borders in Globalization program in 2013.

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21st Century Borders

The increased prominence of disputes about how to manage, police, and secure borders reveals that the territoriality of borders is under tremendous pressure. This research initiative creates a world-wide network of policy actors and academics to study these challenges and their significant and emerging implications for border policy. We co-produce comparative and policy relevant research with scholars and cross-border organizations worldwide. In addition to our 13 formal university partners, this network brings together international and transnational organizations, regional and local organizations, Indigenous led organizations, academic publishers, and a media outlet.