The BIG program will produce several publications during the course of the program, from books to special journal issues to articles, blogs, op eds, videos, interviews, presentations, policy briefs, and much more. Please check back regulary to see our growing list of publications.

Our draft working reports can be accessed on the Research Projects page, but they are locked pdfs. Please contact the BIG program manager to access the files.


The Networked North: Borders and Borderlands in the Canadian Arctic Region
Heather Nicol and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, eds. The Networked North: Borders and Borderlands in the Canadian Arctic Region. Edited book with Heather Nicol. Waterloo: Borders in Globalization/Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism. vi, 198 pp.

The Networked North identifies and addresses key lenses for understanding cross-border cooperation in the North American Arctic under conditions of globalization, climate change and changing international relations. Each chapter focuses upon a particular theme influencing cross border relationships, such as historical legacies, cultural relationships, cross-border flows of people and goods, security arrangements, governance practices and sustainability challenges. Twelve short chapters systematically define the ways in which Arctic and sub-Arctic borderlands are uniquely situated within processes of climate change, devolution, globalization, resurgent indigeneity, and neo-realist geopolitical processes. All authors acknowledge how the North has been reterritorialized by each of these processes in ways that encourage the networked nature of sovereignty and territoriality.

Bordering on Brexit: Views from Local Communities in the Central Border Region of Ireland / Northern Ireland
Katy Hayward. (2017). Bordering on Brexit: Views from Local Communities in the Central Border Region of Ireland / Northern Ireland. Queen's University Belfast.

This report was produced by the Centre for International Borders Research, Queen’s University Belfast on behalf of the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) of local authorities in eight councils across both sides of the Irish border. The study used an online survey and focus groups to gather the views of citizens in the Central Border Region of Ireland/Northern Ireland regarding Brexit.

Journal Special Issues

Special issue in the Journal of Borderlands Studies on borders in the Arctic:

Confronting Borders in the Arctic
Scott Stephenson

Global Arctic
Klaus Dodds

Finding the Global Arctic
Jessica Shadian

The “Global Arctic” as a New Geopolitical Context and Method
Lassi Heininen and Matthias Finger

Navigating Political Borders Old and New: The Territoriality of Indigenous Inuit Governance
Jessica Shadian

(Un)frozen Spaces: Exploring the Role of Sea Ice in the Marine Socio-legal Spaces of the Bering and Beaufort Seas
Kristen Shake, Karen Frey, Deborah Martin, Philip Steinberg

Rescaling Borders of Investment: The Arctic Council and the Economic Development Policies
Heather Nicol

Drawing Boundaries in the Beaufort Sea: Different Visions/Different Needs
Rob Huebert

Singapore: The “Global City” in a Globalizing Arctic
Mia Bennett

Challenges of Sea Ice Prediction for Arctic Marine Policy and Planning
Scott Stephenson and Rebecca Pincus

Policy Briefs

Kathryn Freidman, Director of Cross-Border and International Research, University at Buffalo (SUNY), wrote four policy briefs from BIG-supported research:

Transboundary Governance Capacity in the Arctic: Insights for Effective Arctic Governance
What Does It Mean to be a Binational Region in a Globalized World? Cross-Border Innovation and Community Prosperity in Southern Ontario and Western New York
Gazing into Our Crystal Ball in 2017: The Stakeholder Role in Facilitating Flows at the Canada-U.S. Border
Eutrophication in the Great Lakes: New Policy Tools for Ensuring a Thriving Great Lakes System