Research Reports

The links on this page open a password protected .pdf file that is a written report of a BIG research project. The reports vary in breadth and depth and some are just summaries of research projects. Please contact the BIG program borders[at]uvic[dot]ca to request access to the (draft) project reports.

Please see our Outputs page to see where BIG funded research is being published.



Enhancing Labour Mobility in Alberta: The role of Immigration, Migration, and Other Factors - #12
Richard E. Mueller

Inland Border Issues: The Alberta-Montana Border Region - #70
Geoffrey Hale


Several of these projects were published in the Journal of Borderlands Studies Special Issue Vol 33 Issue 2: The Arctic Spring 2018
Several of these projects were published in the e-Book The Networked North (summary on our Outputs page). 

An Emerging Border Region: 'Securing' the Far North - #31
Adam Lajeunesse and P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (YRITWC) - #32
Edda Mutter

Layered Landscapes: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Narrative of Victimization for the Arctic of the Anthropocene - #36
Victoria Herrman

Rescaling Cooperation: The Arctic Council and the North American Chairmanship - #71
Heather Nicol


Marine Management and Governance of the Beaufort Sea: Lessons from the Barents Sea Region - #17
Sara Bourquin

Policy Paper: Maritime Infrastructure in Canada's North - #18
Sara Bourquin

Governance of Arctic Search and Rescue - #46
Adrianne Dunsmore

The Alaska-BC Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation: Will it Affect Transboundary Environmental Assessments? - #47
Nicole Lee

British Columbia

The Multi-level Governance of Borders in Relation to Transnational Migration: A Case Study of British Columbia - #25
Alex Gunn

Transborder Water Governance in the Pacific Northwest: The Case of Point Roberts, Washington - #27
Michael K. Lang

(Re)Defining Indigenous Economic Borders in British Columbia: An Examination of Forestry Revenue Sharing Policies in British Columbia - #16
Astrid Niemann-Zajac

Paper Proposal: Columbia River Treaty and Governance Innovation - #38
Jesse Baltutis

An Inventory of Policy Actors and Instruments Relevant to the Salish Sea - #60
Stacy Clauson and Laurie Trautman


The Northern Plains and Prairies: From Frontier Borderland - #24
Randy William Widdis

The Prairies and the Northern Great Plains Borderland: Themes and Issues from the Interior North America - #69
Randy William Widdis

Crossing Lines: Security Stages in the Prairies - #73
Alex Green


Private Sector Business and the Canada-US Border: The Ontario Case - #89
Alexandra Green and Todd Hatley

The International Joint Commission and the Great Lakes Borderlands Environment - #91
Daniel Macfarlene

Expanding the Debate: First Nations Reserves and Security Concerns in Canada - #96
Stephanie Soiffer

A Critical Appraisal of the Idea of a "Greater" Plains Literature - #99
Randy William Widdis

The "Sweet Seas" of Culture: A Consideration of the role that the Great Lakes have Played in the Creation of a Cultural Borderland - #100
Randy William Widdis


Border Challanges - Atlantic Canada Ports - #88
Jeffrey F. Collins and Michael C. Ircha

The role of cultural communities in immigrant retention - #94
Alice Musabende



A Biocultural Planning Approach for Managing the Cultural and Natural Resources of the Niagra Escarpment - #54
Scotta Cafarella

A Spatial Theory of Civil Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa - #57
Lance Hadley

Determinants of Civil Conflict in Africa: Borders as Political Resources - #58
Lance Hadley

Bringing Border Security and Mohawk Culture Back Together? Akwesasne, Between Aboriginal Sovereignty and National Security - #84
Laetitia Rouviere

A Biocultural Planning Approach for Managing the Cultural and Natural Resources of the Niagara Escarpment - #86
Scott Caferella

Locating the Canadian Border(s) in Global Mineral and Metal Production Networks - #87
Julia Calvert

Beyond Being a Borderlands Author: Thomas King’s Artistic Activism - #92
Evelyn P. Mayer

The Role of Physical Symbols and Objects in Subaltern Experiences with International Borders - #93
Anelynda Mielke


Euroregion as an Important Mechanism of Cross-border Cooperation Between Ukraine and the European Union - #39
Tatiana Shaban

Good Governance: Assessment of Institutional Opportunities Between the European Union and Western Ukraine - #40
Tatiana Shaban

Institutional Opporutinities for Cross-border Cooperations Between the European Union and Ukraine in the Local Regional Context -#41
Tatiana Shaban

Geographies of Border Research - #72
Edwin Hodge

Les Passages Transfrontaliers Autochtones : Enjeux canadiens et perspectives internationales - # 102
Jean-François Savard et Olivier Rinfret


On Globalization, Borders and Nation-States: Some Historical Musings - #19
Randy William Widdis

The Spatial Grammar of Borderlands - #20
Randy William Widdis

Greater New England as Cultural Borderland: A Critical Appraisal - #22
Randy William Widdis

Back to the Future: Winnipeg's Reinvention from Regional Trade and Transportation Gateway to Borderland Trade and Transportation Hub - #23
Randy William Widdis


The Puzzle of Nonviolence in Western Sahara - #78
Matthew Porges and Christian Leuprecht

A Comparative Analysis of Border Security Strategies Across Canadian Regions: Atlantic Canada - #83
Kevin Quigley and Stephen Williams

L’évolution de la profession et de l’institution douanières au Canada : d’inspecteur des douanes à agent des services frontaliers (1988-2018) - #101
Hubert Duchesneau


Environmental Refugee: Truth or Myth? - #30
Andrada Mihai

Geopolitics in the Anthropocene - #45
Simon Dalby


Rohingya Muslims: Citizenship and Identity within Myanmar's Borders - #59
Devyn Wallenius

"States of Exception": EU's Relationship with De-facto States and Implications on Sovereignty, Citizenship, and Identity - #64
Jay Ramasubramanyam

Comparing the Syrian Refugee Experience with Canadian Borderlands Before and After September 2015 Refugee Settlement Plan - #67
Renata Grudzien

International Organizations and Regional Migration Management: Reacting to Changes in Labour Migration in the Russian Federation - #65
Daniel Stefanik

From Asylum to Resettlement: International Organizations' Role in the Securitization of the 2015 "Refugee Crisis"
Amanda Bergman

#WelcomeRefugees: A Canadian phenomenon that illustrates the temporal dimension of border constructs - #90
Renata Grudzien


The Catagorzied and Invisible: The Effects of the 'Border' on Women Migrant Transit Flows in Mexico - #51
Carla Angulo-Pasel

Anxieties and Exclusion in the British Garden of Eden: Examining Narratives of Belonging, Work, And Temporary Foreign Labour in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia - #52
Edwin Hodge

Sex Trafficking at the Border: An Exploration of Anti-trafficking Efforts in the Pacific Northwest - #82
Alex Norfolk


Borders in Globalization Country Report on Colombia - #28
Harlan Koff

Borders in Globalization Country Report on Denmark-Germany - #29
Martin Klatt

BREXIT and the Northern Irish Borderlands: Fragile Progress Moving Towards Disintegration - #49
Michael Buttazzoni

BREXIT and the Border - #50
Katy Hayward, Milena Komarova, and Michael Buttazzoni

Taiwan Strait: An Aching Sutre Between the Mainland China and the Taiwan Island --- A study of the Identity of Taiwanese Youth - #55
Weiyu Wang