Monthly Briefing

Welcome to the Borders in Globalization Project’s Monthly Briefing page. Here you will find an archive of BIG’s monthly briefings, which are available for download in PDF form. These briefings are short, and written in an accessible way in order to enable non-experts and border scholars alike to gain insight into the work that this project has done over the past few years. Each of the monthly briefings will be posted on this page as they are released to partners, stakeholders, and other interested groups. If you are interested in the work being profiled, please visit our research projects page to find the projects cited in each briefing.

March 2019 - Vol 1, No. 2
In the Prairies and Great Plains, local and regional cooperation matter

February 2019 - Vol 1, No.1 
Bottlenecks at the Alaska/Yukon border create headaches for Arctic enterprise