Borders in Globalization Review (BIG_Review)

In 2019, the Borders in Globalization research program at the University of Victoria created the Borders in Globalization Review (BIG_Review). BIG_Review is a print and open source online publication featuring double-blind, peer-reviewed articles about the borders of globalization.

BIG_Review provides a forum for academic and creative explorations of borders in the 21st century. Our interest is advancing high-quality and original works in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, that explore various aspects of borders in an increasingly globalized world. BIG_Review publishes current scholarship (academic articles, essays, book reviews) as well as original art and literature (photography, poetry, short stories, fiction reviews, and more). We are multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, and open access. 

Our starting point is that borders offer metaphoric-conceptual tools for the study of differentiation and integration. BIG_Review documents how international boundaries are moving beyond a spatial and territorial logic and toward a functional and aterritorial logic. This means that borders are increasingly detached from territory, functioning as mobile and relational nodes in increasingly complex regulatory frameworks. For example, border screening often happens far from the border, and goods and people are increasingly bordered ‘on the go’ with microtechnology and biometrics. Simultaneously, global processes are increasingly straining the territorial foundations of borders, including transnational social movements and the virtual flows of global finance and big data. These developments impact culture and politics, including understandings and contestations of identity, citizenship, law, nationalism, gender, and Indigeneity.

The borders of globalization are rapidly being established in a variety of spaces and not just in borderlands. Like a puzzle in the making, their infrastructures and institutions are interlocking in various geographies around world, although they are not always visible. BIG_Review offers a platform to visibalize, problematize, and discuss how these borders are changing and how they affect all other borders, physically, of the mind, and across the cyber space. 

Publications may address, for instance, the role of technologies; geographies; identity; security and environmental challenges; subnational, transnational, and Indigenous challenges; cultural factors; ethical questions; political economy, policy and governance; the human imagination of borders; and more. We are especially interested in documenting aterritorial bordering processes (functional, mobile), as well as the relationships between borders and Indigeneity (Indigenous governance, tradition, and struggle).

More information regarding submissions, publications dates, and details on BIG_Review is coming soon. Check back for more information in the coming months.

The first issue is coming Fall 2019.