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In 2019, BIG launched the Borders in Globalization Review. The journal provides an open-access forum for academic and artistic explorations of the changing logics of borders in the 21st century. Our interest is advancing high-quality and original works in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences that explore various aspects of borders in an increasingly globalized world. The journal is committed to double-blind peer review, public access, policy relevance, and cultural significance.


BIG_Review Vol. 1, No. 1 is now available online!

Table of Contents


Writings on the Wall: Textual Traces of Transit in the Aegean Borderscape
Ioanna Wagner Tsoni, Anja K. Franck 7-21 

Bordering the Future? The ‘Male Gaze’ in the Blade Runner Films and Originating Novel
Kathleen Staudt 22-28 

Mobile Youth and Belonging in the Gulf: A Study of Dubai
Sitwat Azhar Hashmi 29-42

Cross-Border Cooperation in the Carpathian Euroregion: Ukraine and the EU
Tatiana Shaban 43-53 

Aztlán: From Mythos to Logos in the American Southwest
Toni Muñoz-Hunt 54-65

Borders and the Feasibility of Rebel Conflict
Lance Hadley 66-82

Making Precarious: The Construction of Precarity in Refugee and Migrant Discourse
Edwin Hodge 83-90


Moving Atlas (artist portfolio)
Karen Yen 91-103

Borderlander (poem)
Amanda Merritt 104-105

vagabond wind | sans-papiers (poems)
Natasha Sardzoska 106-112

Hours of the Desert (poem)
Roxanne Lynne Doty 113-114


Some Consideration on the Aesthetics of the Geopolitical Wall
Elisa Ganivet 115-122

Understanding Aterritorial Borders through a BIG Reading of Agnew’s Globalization and Sovereignty
Michael J Carpenter 123-126

La « frontière » selon Paul de La Pradelle
Benjamin Perrier 127-132

Film Reviews

Sleep Dealer: Re-appropriating Migrant Labor Power (film review)
Daniela Johannes 133-134

The Border on TV: What’s so Fascinating about Crimes at the Border? (film review)
Martin Klatt 135-136

Book Reviews

Kashmir as a Borderland: The Politics of Space and Belonging across the Line of Control (book review)
Saleh Shahriar 137-138

Border Politics in a Global Era: Comparative Perspectives (book review)
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly 139-140

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