Euregio Rhine-Waal, Kleve, Germany

Monday, May 23, 2016 (All day)

On Monday, May 23, 2016 the Nijmegen Centre for Border Research of the Radboud University along with the Euregion Rhine-Waal and Seinpost Consultancy BV organized a policy-forum ‘Borders as a Creative Resource’. This forum took place in the framework of the international research-project Borders in Globalization (BIG).  The Radboud University, the Euregion Rhine-Waal and Seinpost Consultancy BV form the consortium at the Dutch-German border.

The ultimate aim of this network is the comparison of border regions in order to achieve a better understanding of the effects of borders, so as to be able to formulate policy with regard to borders. In an era where borders are again gaining importance, this project tries to link the different dimensions of borders.

This policy forum wanted to set up a dialogue especially but not exclusively among European academic partners and non-academic organizations. This dialogue on the border as a resource was framed by the ‘BIG’-approach, where the six central themes or perspective will be guiding. These are in random order culture, history, security, flows, sustainability and governance. The invited participants reflected ob these themes. The forum took the form of a few presentations by keynote speakers and most importantly (plenary and/or group) discussions. This all with the aim to stimulate new research and policy in this important arena.

Program can be found here.

Dr. Martin van der Velde and Dr. Victor Konrad gave an interview in a German regional newspaper on the forum. See here.

BIG Policy Forum, Kleve, Germany: Borders as a Creative Resource