#2 BIG Podcast – “Post-Truth Politics in North-America”

featuring Edwin Hodge – Assistant professor of Sociology, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

An intense exchange on extremist movements on the North American continent, the rise of populism in Europe and the future of the common good of democracy.

Time Markers:
0.35: Objects of research of Edwin Hodge: conspiratorial movements; extremist groups, etc.

02.05: What is “post-truth politics”?

05.11: How can Democracy defends itself?

07.20: Capitol event: USA are or aren’t a stable democracy?

11.13: Post-Truth Politics in Canada?

15.02: Role of a-territorial social networks?

19.00: European union, Euroscepticism and the rise of populism?

21.50: Global private actors with or without responsibilities?

25.03: Cryptocurrencies, States and trends?

28.29: How Democracy could be Saved?

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#2 BIG Podcast -