Roundtables are designed to connect academics and practitioners to ensure that BIG develops and revises our research agenda through an iterative process. Roundtables are the core partnership tool where all research, findings, outreach, training and other activities are to be discussed and implemented. Our Regional Roundtables occur twice per year in each Canadian region, led by the regional leads. Once new research emerges, this will be delivered to our “non-academic partners” through policy forums.

Our International Roundtable is hosted in Ottawa twice per year and serves as the steering committee for the project. The IRT provides insights on project direction, activity, partnership development and strategic oversight. Thematic leads and representatives from some of our non-academic partners serve on the IRT for a minimum of 2 years.

The second International Roundtable agenda can be found here

If you represent an organization working on border issues and would like to be involved in these workshops, please contact the regional lead in your area. Alternatively, contact the project manager, at the university of Victoria for more information.