Research Seminar 14: Border Dispute Resolutions

Victoria, Canada | May 14, 2019

This seminar was originally meant to be held on May 28th, 2019, but was moved to May 14th, 2019. It was open to all and hosted both virtually and in-person at the University of Victoria.

Border disputes are a common source of political instability and military conflict around the globe. Today, border disputes can take three distinct forms: (1) territorial disputes, which may be local and/or global, and which concern the internal and external territory of states. (2) Positional disputes, which concern the place of demarcation of the border line and the demarcation processes. And, (3) functional disputes, which concern the policies of setting up the border. This seminar will explore different types of border disputes.


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Discussion Lead: Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly joined the UVIc School of Public Administration in 2001. He was the Jean Monnet Chair in European Urban and Border Region Policy (2014-16), then Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance (2017-20) and is currently Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Policy and Governance (2021-24). Alongside being the Director of BIG (2013-20), he is also the Director of the European Union Jean Monnet Center and the Jean Monnet Network research programs (2013-19). His Research Interests include comparative and policy relevant research, comparative urban and borders studies, policies, politics and governance, comparative border and migration studies, and policy governance.

Research Seminar 14: Border Dispute Resolutions