Frontières dans les Amériques: 2019 Conference

Grenoble, France | June 11-13, 2019

This symposium – which was the first of a series entitled “Borders, spaces, and power(s)” – focused on a specific geographic area: the Americas.

Participants were invited to broach the various dynamics which prevail in American borders, as well as the mutations and transformations these borders have undergone in the last decade, through different approaches. Importantly, even though the symposium focused primarily on geography and geopolitics, it was defined as a transdisciplinary event, which encourages all sorts of approaches, whether it be in geography, history, political science, international relations, sociology, anthropology or cultural studies.

Participants raised discussions on subjects such as: Policies in relation to the phenomenon of rebordering; Continental integration within NAFTA and MERCOSUR; Intracontinental flows, border crossings and their increasing human cost; and Urban border issues.

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Frontières dans les Amériques: 2019 Conference