Alberta Roundtable

Calgary, Canada | March 6, 2016

BIG’s 2016 Alberta Roundtable was held March 6 2016 in Calgary, Canada. It was composed of three sections.

The first section, Economic Context, featured speakers Geoffrey Hale (University of Lethbridge), Christopher Kukucha (University of Lethbridge), Richard Mueller (University of Lethbridge), and Greg Anderson (University of Alberta).

The second section, Energy, Environment, Water, People, featured speakers Ian Urquhart (University of Alberta), Cailin Bartlett (University of Lethbridge), David Hill (University of Lethbridge), and David Kettles (Director Provincial and State Engagement at Government of Alberta).

The third section, The Border Environment and Regional Context, featured speakers Yale Belanger (University of Lethbridge), Donna Townley (University of Lethbridge), and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (University of Victoria).

Alberta Roundtable