Regional Security in the North: Emerging Themes and Challenges

Whitehorse, Yukon
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 8:00am to Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 11:00am

This workshop will explore borders, security, and security management with particular attention to the unique features of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic region in Canada and the United States. It examines how border integrity and regional security are envisioned through the lens of national policy and practice, and asks how well these fit with regional security needs. What is the impact of existing security practice? What works? What does not?

This workshop will examine security issues from various perspectives and agencies and at various scales. It seeks to identify ways in which regional needs can be better identified and met, and where security policies and practices can be better understood in relation to local communities, agencies and governance.

Who Should Attend: The workshop is by invitation only.  Participants include government agency representatives, NGOs, local government and community representatives, security experts, scholars, and students.

Workshop Location: The workshop will take place at Yukon College, Whitehorse. Accommodation: We have reserved a block of rooms for workshop participants at the college, as well as a small block of rooms at the Best Value Inn River View. Those staying at the River View will be picked up each morning by the Yukon College bus at 7:45 for a continental breakfast on campus followed by workshop panels. Emails have been sent confirming your accommodation location.

For those planning to arrive to the Yukon College dorms after 5 pm, and who are not being met at the airport, on June 19, please confirm with Heather Nicol at 705 772 1475. She will arrange to meet you with your room key.

Getting to the College/Hotel from the Airport: We will pick up participants at the Yukon airport for transport to the college or hotel accommodations. If you encounter delays while travelling please call/text Heather Nicol at 705 772 1475, or email heathernicol[at]trentu[dot]ca. If you are not met at the airport, go directly to the hotel or College and save your taxi receipt.

Presentations: Short PowerPoints of a few slides are welcome but let’s try to keep our presentations short – about 10-15 minutes in length - to leave time for discussion. We have decided not to offer formal titles and abstracts for presentations to allow for a bit more flexibility and informality where needed.


JUNE 19 Meeting Room A2206

Arrival and check in: Yukon College/ Best Value River View Inn. Participants will be met at the airport on June 19th and delivered to their accommodation site.

6:30- 9:00 pm. Informal sponsored dinner at Yukon College. Join us for an outdoor  barbecue at the residences, weather permitting. Arrangements will be made for pick up from the River View at 6:00 pm. If the weather is inclement, the event will take place indoors.


08:00          Continental breakfast

08:30          Opening Remarks

09:00         The Big Picture: Arctic Security and National Security

Chair: Heather Nicol, Trent University

  1. Christian Leuprecht, Royal Military College
  2. Randy Kee, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret), Arctic Domain Awareness Center Executive Director, University of Alaska
  3. Evan Travers, Public Safety Canada
  4. Inuuteq Olsen Holm, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Greenland Representation at the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC

10:45        Coffee break

11:00        The Arctic Region and US Security Interests

Chair: Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome’s University

  1. Leslie Lawson, DHS Attaché to Canada, US Embassy, Ottawa,
  2. Margaret Stock, Cross- Border Law Offices, Anchorage, Alaska
  3. David Martin, Deputy Director for Plans and Policy, Alaskan Command
  4. Claude E. Denver, Response Manager, State Emergency Operations Center, Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

12:30        Lunch

13:30        The Arctic and Canadian Security Interests

Chair: Christian Leuprecht, Royal Military College

  1. Adam Lajeunese, Saint Francis Xavier University
  2. Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome’s University
  3. Ryan Dean, University of Calgary

15:00        Coffee Break

15:15        Border integrity and human security in regional and local context

Chair: Leslie Lawson, DHS

  1. Heather Nicol, Trent University
  2. Rob Hynes USCG D17
  3. Superintendent Brian Jones, Criminal Operations, M Division
  4. John Mitchell, Sgt. Canadian Rangers, Confirmed
  5. Will Greaves, University of Toronto

18:30.       Bus from Yukon College to downtown Whitehorse

19:00        Sponsored workshop dinner in downtown Whitehorse

JUNE 21  Meeting Room A2206

08:00        Continental breakfast

08:30.       Security and Border Policy: National versus regional perspectives

Chair: Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome’s University

  1. Steve Myers, Director, Arctic Caucus, Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER)
  2. Mike Perry, Trent University, School for the Study of Canada
  3. Karen Everett, Trent University
  4. Justin Barnes, Trent University Student
  5. Dr. James R. Hemsath DM, PE, PMP, Director - Project Development and Asset Management, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (SKYPE)

10:00        Coffee Break

10:15         Indigenous communities and international boundaries

Chair: Norman Easton

  1.  Chief David Johhny
  2.  Dalee Sambo Dorough, Professor, University of Alaska
  3.  Robin Campbell, Hutchins Legal, Ottawa
  4.  Greg Boos, Cross-Border Law, Bellingham WA
  5.  Chris Jackson, Royal Military College

12:15        Lunch & Keynote: No Border Line Here? The Imaginary Divide Between Alaska and North America, Terrence Cole, University of Alaska

13:00        Departure for borderland trip: Whitehorse to Skagway

19:00        Return from Skagway to Whitehorse

20:30        Arrive back in Whitehorse

JUNE 22   Meeting Room A2206

08:00        Continental breakfast and workshop discussion: Identifying next steps

11:00        Checkout and departure for airport

This workshop is co-sponsored by:

Borders in Globalization
Trent University
Yukon College
Royal Military College of Canada
St.Jerome's University
The Consulate General of the United States (Toronto)