Borders in the North Programme 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

09h00 Welcoming Remarks
  Janet Moodie, Yukon College
Nicole Bates-Eamer, University of Victoria
Hon. Currie Dixon, Yukon Government
09h30 Keynote: Perspectives on Sovereignty and Maritime Jurisdiction in the Arctic
Martin Pratt, Bordermap Consulting
10h15 Coffee
10h30 Panel One: Borderland Culture and History
Chair  Maureen Long, Yukon College    
Speakers Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland, Finland
Vikings and Circumpolar geopolitics: A historical approach to the Circumpolar region
  David Neufeld, Yukon and Western Arctic Historian, Parks Canada - Retired
Some observations on Yukon first nation conceptions of boundaries
  Ben Feist, Royal Military College of Canada, Student
Blurring lines: Arctic Indigenous Peoples and trans-border migration
  Norm Easton, Yukon College
History of the border in White River
12h15 Lunch @ Yukon College Bistro
13h15 Panel Two: Governance, Territory, and Contestation
Chair Minister Dixon, Yukon Government      
Speakers Barry Zellen, 2016 Kone Foundation Researcher, Sr. Fellow Georgetown University
Indigenous peoples and the northern borderlands: Rewriting lines and transcending boundaries
  Nick Wilson, Royal Military College of Canada, Student
Reconciling Canada’s North: How settlement land agreements can lead to Indigenous self-sufficient self-government in the Yukon
  Camilia Zoe-Chocolate
Dene Mapping Project
14h30 Coffee
14h45 Panel Three: Security & Sovereignty in the Northern Borderlands
Speakers Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome's College, University of Waterloo
How do the Canadian and American militaries look at Arctic defence and security issues?
  Capt. Chris Carthew, Deputy Commanding Officer, First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
Canadian Rangers: Sovereignty, security, and community-based nation building
  Adrianne Dunsmore, University of Victoria, Student
Governance of Arctic Search and Rescue
  Dana Smith, Royal Military College of Canada, Student
Technologically driven border surveillance in the Canadian Arctic
16h00 Field Trip to the Yukon River
19h00 Dinner Downtown (by invitation)


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

09h15 Panel Four: Economic Borders and Flows
Chair Lassi Heininen
Speakers Liam Kennedy-Slaney, Trent University, Student
World Economic Forum: Arctic Investment Protocol
  Laurie Prange-Martin, Yukon College & PhD Candidate, Aalborg University
New Sectors in Remote Regions
  Steve Myers, Pacific Northwest Economic Region
North American Arctic Collaboration for Sustainable Economic Development
10h30 Coffee
10h45 Panel Five: Sustainable and Sustainability in Northern Borderlands
Chair Nicole Bates-Eamer
Speakers Kate Neville, University of Toronto
Contested energy developments in the Yukon: debates over hydraulic fracturing
  Nicole Lee, University of Victoria, Student
The Alaska-BC Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation: Will it affect trans-boundary environmental assessments
  Vanessa Potvin, Trent University, Student
The policies and regulations behind seismic line development between North American Arctic borderlands
12h00 Lunch @ Yukon College Bistro
13h30 Featured Talk: One River: Indigenous Borderlands and Water Management
Harold Gatensby, Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council Elder
14h30 Roundtable: The Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council (YRITWC): Governance and Sustainability Across Borders  
Speakers Heather Jirousek, Yukon Government
MacKenzie River Basin Borders

Edda Mutter and Neil McGrath, YRITWC
Yukon River Watershed

Leslie Collins, Trent University
BIG and the YRITWC

Bronwyn Benkert, Northern Climate ExChange, Yukon Research Centre

16h00 Keynote: Searching for Common Ground in Evolving Canadian and EU Arctic Strategies
P. Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome's University
17h00 Closing Remarks  
Speaker Heather Nicol, Trent University  
18h00 Dinner @ Yukon College Bistro