BIG Inaugural Conference


Carleton | 2014

Day 1 – Thursday September 25, 2014

Panel 1 – Presentation of BIG Themes

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (University of Victoria)
Presentation of BIG’s Governance Theme

Randy Widdis (University of Regina)
Presentation of BIG History Theme

Simon Dalby (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Presentation of BIG’s Sustainability Theme

Victor Konrad (Carleton University)
Presentation of BIG’s Culture Theme

Panel 2 – Governance of Borders: Thematic Context

Kevin O’Shea (Office of the Privy Council)
Border Governance: A Canadian Perspective

Tony Payan (Rice University)
Crossborder Governance in the Paso del Norte Region

Panel 3 – Security and Borders: Thematic Context

Panel 4 – Sustainability and Borders: Thematic Context

Keynote Address

Sarah Green (Queen’s University)
Border Knots: Ethnographic Notes on the Entanglements of Power, Ideas, and Practices in Generating Relative Locations

Panel 5 – Flows: Labour and Market Flows

Geoffrey Hale (University of Lethbridge)
Market Flows, Migration, and Territoriality: Managing Multi-Dimensional Complexity Amid the Challenges of Continuing “Fragmegration

William Anderson, Hanna Maoh and Charles Burke (University of Windsor & McMaster University)
Passenger Car Flows Across the Canada-US Border:The Effect of 9/11

Michael Ircha (Carleton University & University of New Brunswick)
Protectionism at the Border: Canadian Ports and the U.S. Harbor Maintenance Tax

James M. Laws (Canadian Meat Council)
Re-inspection of Meat at the Canada-US Border

Panel 6 – Thematic Border History

Panel 7 – Borders and Culture

Victor Konrad (Carleton University)
“Conceptualizing Borders and Culture”

Panel 8 – Flows: Migration and Diaspora

Furio deAngelis (UNHCR Representative in Canada)
Refugee Protection and the Management of International Borders: Challenges and Good Practices

Mert Coskan (Carleton University)
Illegal Aliens and the Inconspicuous Geographies of US Immigration and Border Policing within 100 Miles of the US-Canada Border

Panel 9 – Governance: Governance and Public Policy

Don Alper (Western Washington University)
Perimeters and Frontiers: Evolving Border Governance on the Canada-US Border

Greg Anderson (Carleton University & University of Ottawa)
Building Without Architecture

Panel 10 – Borders and Indigenous Cultures

Laetitia Rouviere (Carleton University)
Border Security Meeting Cross-Border Territorialities: Aboriginal Experiences in the Americas


Day 2 – Friday, September 26, 2014


Plenary Session – Introduction of Border Regions

Victor Konrad (Carleton University)
Presentation of BIG’s Regions South of 60

Panel 1 – Atlantic Canada Culture and Flows

Panel 2 – Alberta Labour and Market Flows

Panel 3 – Security and Borders

Emily Gilbert (University of Toronto)
Cultures of Security at the North American Borders

Elaine Koren (Public Safety Canada)
Fusion Centres in Selected Countries

Panel 4 – Arctic Borders

Scott Stephenson (University of Connecticut)
“Trans-Border Shipping in the North American Arctic: Projections of 21st-Century Viability

Panel 5 – International Governance of Eurasian Borders

Bernard Reitel and François Moullé (Université d’Artois)
Cross-Border Metropolitan Regions in Europe: Integration, Governance and Rescaling 

Panel 6 – Quebec Borders

Frédéric Lasserre (Université Laval)
When the Border Straddles my Home: Border villages between Québec and the United States

Courtney Hammond, Asim Zia and Christopher Brown (University of Vermont & New Mexico State University)
Environmental Diplomacy & Community-Based Efforts to Enhance Resilience of the Lake Champlain Basin Ecosystem

Panel 7 – History: Regional Border History

Randy Widdis (University of Regina)
Research Directions for the Prairies/Plains Region

Joel Konrad, Rebecca Sciarra and Annie Veilleux (Archaeological Services Inc.)
Regional Borders and Cultural Heritage Landscapes in Ontario

Panel 8 – British Columbia – Pacific Northwest Economic Region

Panel 9 – International Borders and Borderlands

Emily Cameron (Carleton University)
Issues in International Borders and Borderlands”

Manina Jones (University of Western Ontario)
Border Noir: Crime Fiction and the Representation of Borders and Bodies 

Panel 10 – Cross-border Research Networks

Panel 11 – Great Lakes Sustainability (IJC)

Daniel Mcfarlane (Western Michigan University)
The International Joint Commission, Sustainability, and Great Lakes Water: A Historical Appraisal

Cindy Warwick (International Joint Commission)
The International Joint Commission: Facing the Challenges of Transboundary Water Management

Panel 12 – Ontario and Quebec Security