BIG Inaugural Conference


Carleton | 2014

Donald Alper (Western Washington University)
Perimeters and Frontiers: Evolving Border Governance on the Canada-US border

William Anderson (University of Windsor)
Passenger Car Flows Across the Canada-US Border: The Effect of 9/11

David Atkinson (Purdue University)
Sovereignty at the Border: A Historical Perspective

Christopher Brown (New Mexico State University) and Asim Zia (University of Vermont)
Environmental diplomacy & community-based efforts to enhance resilience of the Lake Champlain Basin Ecosystem

Mert Coskan (Carleton)
“”Illegal Aliens” and the Inconspicuous Geographies of US Immigration and Border Policing within 100 Miles of the US-Canada Border

Karine Cote-Boucher (Université de Montréal)
Becoming a Border Officer: A Changing Apprenticeship

Simon Dalby (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Borders, Boundaries and Sustainability in the Anthropocene

Michael Darroch (University of Windsor)
1950s Media and Communication Studies across the Canada-US Border

Jay Drydyk (Carleton)
Ethics across Borders: the Concept of Global Ethics

Furio de Angelis (Representative in Canada, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
“Refugee Protection and the Management of International Borders: Challenges and Good Practices”

Simona Epasto (University of Macerata, Italy)
Borders, security and globalization: comparison between the border policies of North America and the European Union

Greg Finnegan (Yukon Research Centre)
New Northern Borders: Analyzing the Growth of Aboriginal Public Administration in Yukon and its impacts on the economy and self-determination

Geoffrey Hale (University of Lethbridge)
Engaging Market Flows, Borders and Globalization in Alberta: Switzerland or Uganda?

Geoffrey Hale (University of Lethbridge)
Market Flows, Migration, and Territoriality: Managing Multi-Dimensional Complexity Amid the Challenges of Continuing “Fragmegration” “

Charles Heller and Lorenzo Pezzani (Center for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Liquid Traces: Investigating the Deaths of Migrants at the EU’s Maritime Frontier

Michel Hogue (Carleton)
Plains Indigenous Peoples and the Shaping of Nineteenth-Century Canada-U.S. Relations

Colin Howell and Heidi Weigand (Saint Mary’s University)
Northeastern Sporting Borderlands and the Globalization Process: Virtual, Theoretical and Geographical Borders and the Contested Nature of Representative Identities

Michael Ircha (Carleton and University of New Brunswick)
Borders as Social, Cultural and Economic Divides. A Reflection on Canada’s Maritime Provinces

Michael Ircha (Senior Advisor, Association of Canadian Port Authorities)
Protectionism at the Border. Canadian Ports and the U.S. Harbor Maintenance Tax

Manina Jones (University of Western Ontario)
Border Noir: Crime Fiction and the Representation of Borders and Bodies

Reece Jones (University of Hawaii)
The Violence of Borders

Harlan Koff (University of Luxembourg) and Carmen Maganda (INECOL)
Balancing Regulation with Security in the Balance: How Public Policies Affect Cross-Border Human and Environmental Security

Elaine Koren (Public Safety Canada)
Fusion Centres in Selected Countries

Jussi Laine (University of Eastern Finland)
New Old Neighbourhood: Fear and paranoia at the Finnish-Russian Interface

Frédéric Lasserre (Université Laval)
The Management of the Canada – USA Border: the Case of the Border Villages in Quebec

Fréderic Lasserre (Université Laval) and Stéphane Roussel (ENAP)
« Code postal H0H 0H0 ». Le Pôle nord comme enjeu et objet des revendications canadiennes dans l’Arctique

Daniel Macfarlane (Carleton)
The International Joint Commission, Sustainability, and Great Lakes Water: A Historical Appraisal

Anelynda Mielke (Carleton)
Showing Border Identities. How Art & Media Portray ‘Crossers’ in Canada and the United States

Richard Mueller (University of Lethbridge)
Assessing Labour and Skills Shortages in Canada: A Knowledge Synthesis

Heather Nicol (Trent University)
Globalization and its Territorial Context in the Territorial North

Joseph Nyemah (Government of Nova Scotia)
Does Culture Matter When Refugees are Crossing Borders: The Case of Liberian Refugees in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joseph Nyemah (Government of Nova Scotia)
What is Culture: A Critical Review of the Literature

Tony Payan and and Pamela L. Cruz (Rice University)
Crossborder Governance on the U.S.-Mexico Border

John Reid (Saint Mary’s University)
Indigenous Historical Centrality and the Significance of Borders in Early Modern Northeastern North America

Bernard Reitel and Francois Moullé (Université of Artois, France)
Experience in networking Border Studies:Institute of Borders and Discontinuities (IFD)

Bernard Reitel and Francois Moullé (Université of Artois, France)
Cross-border Metropolitan Regions in Europe: integration, governance and rescaling

Lee Rodney (University of Windsor)
Logistics Inverted: art, psychogeography and traffic management after NAFTA

Rebecca Sciarra, Annie Veilleux and Joel Konrad (Archaeological Services Inc.)
Regional Borders and Cultural Heritage in Ontario

Lindsay Scorgie Porter (University of Western Ontario)
The Allied Democratic Forces: Islamist Militants or Borderland Rebels?

Stephanie Soiffer (Carleton)
Expanding the Debate: The Effect of Reserve Borders on National and Human Security in Canada

Scott Stephenson (University of Connecticut)
“Trans-border shipping in the North American Arctic”

Aleksandra Szaflarska (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Boundaries in Terrestrial Protected Areas: How and where we draw the lines

Laurie Trautman (Western Washington University)
Border Issues for Washington State

Tiffany Vinci (Carleton)
Adapting Sustainably to Climate Change at the Canada/U.S. Border: Assessing the Role of IJC Stakeholder Engagement

Joni Virkkunen (University of Eastern Finland)
Integration and Everyday Conflict: Ambivalent Borders of the post-Soviet Central Asia

William Walters, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, Carleton
The Art of Bordering

Cindy Warwick (International Joint Commission)
The International Joint Commission: Facing the challenges of transboundary water management

Randy Widdis (University of Regina)
History, Borders and the Borderlands

Randy Widdis
Research Directions for the Prairies/Plains Region

Ugur Yildiz (Carleton)
Precarity’ of the Territorialized State: Individuals Re-Shaping and Re-Drawing the Imagined Borders