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  • Publications' Phase

    2019-2020 marks the final year of the SSHRC Partnership funding of BIG. Stay tuned for forthcoming publications, special issues, and journal articles. Visit our "Outputs" page to link to new publications.

  • Borders, Security and Migration

    An online webinar with BIG colleagues Elisabeth Vallet, who leads our work in Quebec; Oliver Schmidtke, who works on our migration theme; and our Post-Doctoral Fellow Michael Carpenter.

  • Monthly Briefings

    BIG launches a Monthly Briefings series, written by Post-Doc Researcher Dr. Edwin Hodge. These short briefings enable non-experts and border scholars alike to gain insight into our work. Check out our Monthly Briefings page, and check back in future months to read more.

  • BIG Videos

    Check out our growing collection of videos of workshops, conferences, student participation, online courses and much more!


Policy Forum on Cross-border Collaboration

Bellingham, WA. October 24, 2018. The Border Policy Research Institute hosts a policy forum on cross-border collaboration.

Research Seminar Series at the University of Victoria

Victoria, Canada. Sept 2018 - June 2019. Research Seminars occuring regularly throughout the semester at UVic.

Workshop: Borders and Regionalism in South Asia

New Delhi, India, Aug 2018. This workshop focuses on the possibilities for regional integration in South Asia.

Open Online Course: European Borders without Walls

Fall 2018. Open online course examining how the current migration crisis is shaping Europe's borders, migration and security policies.