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  • New Book - Canada's Fluid Borders: Trade, Investment, Travel, Migration

    Geoffrey Hale's and Greg Anderson's book Canada's Fluid Borders: Trade, Investment, Travel, Migration was recently released by the University of Ottawa Press. The editors and their collaborators prepared this book as part of the market flows and human movements research of the BIG program. 

  • Release of the BIG_Review

    BIG_Review is a new kind of journal, bridging disciplinary boundaries and integrating the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. We provide an open-access forum for academic and creative explorations of borders in the 21st century.

  • New Directions at the Border

    On October 17, 2019, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University, will host a symposium featuring six internationally acclaimed scholars in the growing field of border studies.

  • Final Conference - BIG @ WSSA / ABS Annual Conference

    Scholars at the 2019 Annual ABS Conference in San Diego, California. From Left to Right: Elisabeth Vallet, Mathilde Bourgeon, Thalia D’Aragon-Giguère, Andréanne Bissonette, Vincent Boucher, and Frédérick Gagnon.

  • Monthly Briefings

    BIG launches a Monthly Briefings series, written by Post-Doc Researcher Dr. Edwin Hodge. These short briefings enable non-experts and border scholars alike to gain insight into our work. Check out our Monthly Briefings page, and check back in future months to read more.

  • BIG Videos

    Check out our growing collection of videos of workshops, conferences, student participation, online courses and much more!


Enjoy BIG_Review

BIG_Review is a bi-annual, multi-disciplinary, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal, providing a forum for academic and artistic explorations of borders in the 21st century. You can enjoy and share all the issues.

Research Seminar Series at the University of Victoria

Victoria, Canada. Sept 2018 - June 2019. Research Seminars occuring regularly throughout the semester at UVic.

Read the latest BIG Monthly Briefing

December 2019 - Migration: A Multidimensional Challenge for 21st Century Policy

Watch our rich collection of border-related videos on Youtube!

The videos range from full lecture seminars to short videos on our research themes.