Seminar 5: European Border Regions

Cross-Border regions are a composition of Border Regions. The first official Cross-Border Region, the EUREGIO, was established in 1958 on the Dutch-German border. Since then, such “Euroregions” and other forms of cross-border co-operation have developed throughout Europe. This seminar analyses the emergence of these local cross-border institutions, it offers a brief background on the history of cross-border regions in Europe and analyses the empirical dimensions of European border regions.


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Researcher: Birte Wassenberg is a professor of university in contemporary history at the IEP Strasbourg, member of the Raymond-Poidevin Center, UMR "European Dynamics", and head of the Master 2 "International Relations". From 1993 to 2006, she was territorial attaché to the Alsace region. Since 2013, she holds a Jean Monnet Chair on the contribution of cross-border cooperation to the European Neighborhood Policy.

This seminar will be held on November 13th, 2018, in room B007 of the Clearihue building at the University of Victoria. Please email borders[at]uvic[dot]ca to register.